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This Is Our Story

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I was born in Stockholm, Sweden in April 1990 with a Swedish mother and a Brazilian father. As a 9 month old baby I flew to Rio de Janeiro for the first time to visit the family of my father and that is when it all started....

Ever since then I have visited Brazil almost every year. When I turned 15 I went to Brazil by myself the first time and since then I have been going to Brazil at least once a year. 


In my early twenties I spent most of my time around Rio de Janeiro, where I explored everything. From dancing at baile funks in favelas to hiking up the mountain tops, going to all the beaches and bathing in the various waterfalls around the city. I knew places my brazilian family and friends never even had heard of. 


During this time I also back packed by bus from Fortaleza and Jeriocoacara in the far north of the country to Salvador further down south.


Apart from backpacking I have been various times to the incredible Iguazu Waterfalls on the border with Argentina and Paraguay. I have been to the Amazon. I have travelled by car by the coast from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro. Hiked around Ilha Grande, an island two hours south of Rio de Janeiro. The island is a natural reserve with the most beautiful un touched beaches. I hiked 78 km in seven days. Camping and waking up with the sun rising from the sea. Words can’t explain the feeling.    


To think of Brazil and its abundant nature gives me goose bumps. Because of its beauty and diversity. There is so much nature, from mountains to beaches to waterfalls to deserts. So many colourful birds and butterflies. There is so much culture, music and activity. Brazil is so rich in so many ways. 


Three years ago, in the beginning of 2020 I moved to Brazil. I resigned from my job as a Civil Engineer and Project Manager at a consultant firm in Stockholm and went to Itacaré. A small beach town in the north of Brazil. About a 2 hour flight from Rio. I wanted to learn how to surf and have a more free lifestyle. Itacaré is surf and a free life style. I stayed there for a year and enjoyed all that the place had to offer. I would say it is one of the paradises on earth. Beautiful beaches together with so much forest and trees as well as the big river coming from far inside the country and here meeting the sea. Fresh fish and fruits. Warm and friendly people. 


After a year in Itacare I got the opportunity to move to Itamambuca. A 25 hour car drive south of Itacare. One of the best places for surfing in Brazil. I lived in Itamambuca for a couple of months and I got to know Itamambuca and its surroundings. So many beautiful beaches surrounded by the exploding green mountains. To surf at the beach of Itamambuca, watching the sun set behind the green mountains is something I would like everyone to experience.


Brazil breaths life and nature. I want to invite you to live this experience. The active life that Brazil has to offer. From hiking, to surfing and kite surfing, to paddling, to swimming, running, trail running, biking, dancing.

All the best,

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